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Smegarden Camping is located by the E6 in the community Oppdal, 128 km south of Trondheim in Norway. The camping site is surrounded by mountains by a forest and a river called Vinstra, a side-river to the salmon fishing river, Driva. Smegarden is 25 km north of Dovrefjell nationalpark.

In CABINS ONLINE BOOKING   you may check our capasity, watch the picture gallery and make a booking. 


The camping site can offer :

  • Cabins with 2, 4 and 6 (2 bedrooms) beds equiped with cooking plate, fridge and cable-tv.
  • Paved roads, good sanitary facilities, kitchen ,washing machine,dryer,TV-room and a kiosk.
  • Caravanparking for all-year camping.
  • Cable-TV for connection to cabins or caravans.
  • Nice playground with slides, sandbox and trampolines.
  • In the reception we will assist you in getting the information you want about activities and adventures in Oppdal and the nearby regions and towns.



We can help you to book muskoxsafari, moose-safari, rafting and other activities in Oppdal.


The distance to Oppdal city followed along with shoppingcenters, alpine slopes and a gondol track , shootingfields and golfsites is only 5 - 10 minutes away by car.

 trollh.JPG  A visit to Dovrefjell or Trollheimen National Parks in any season will give you great adventures. In Oppdal you must be prepared for weather changes, especially in the winter season.
  The cities Trondheim, Kristiansund, Molde and Røros are only 2 hours away by car through beautiful nature and landscapes.